Sunday, April 15, 2007

Inspired Author, Managing Your Career

I recently started a blog at, a resource for writers and wannabe writers that has several working, published and freelance writers who provide helpful advice and free workshops via the site, free articles and blogs. The blog, for me, is going to be a mirror of my topic on the inspired author website that I'm still building. It will go live within the next month or two and I will use that site to pay it forward and share advice with other new writers that has helped me in this journey.

My topic is the journey of a new writer and I share information about my experience as a new writer working to learn the business, earn an income and I share info about the bumps in the road as well. My blog is labeled "How To Write" and shares information that will eventually be used as articles and free seminars on the main site.

I wrote this week about how I manage my freelance business with information on what I do to keep track of multiple projects and keep myself organized so I don't miss deadlines and always know how much I'm owed.

Here's a link if you're interested. I'm interested to hear about how other writers manage their writing business as well :)

Write on :)


Sun Singer said...

I really don't have anything meaningful to say. I was mainly checking the link to this blog to make sure it worked.


Dana Prince said...

That's ok, Malcolm...thanks for stopping by :)
Now I can find you on blogger too :)

PS: check out mybloglog if you get a chance, it's a great way to network online.