Friday, March 9, 2007

The Birth of Something Tangible In Writing

It's been frighteningly long since I had an idea for a book.

Before becoming a full time freelance writer in mid 2006, I had a zillion ideas in my head and scratched into my bedside notebook. I had all these thoughts and ideas and plots and characters but never went anywhere with them.

Today, I am a full time writer but most of my work is freelance ghostwriting and copywriting for the web so I spend all my time writing for others. Even on my writer mentoring blogs where I share information with wannabe writers, I write for other people.

The fact that I was afraid to write fiction in the last few months was very unusual. I think I'm finally getting to a place where I'm almost ready.

Life is funny. I spend most of my life saying I'll some day be a writer and then when I become a writer, finally, I don't try to write anything I used to yearn to write.

Anyway, I think I'm finally onto something. I've chosen a genre and am thinking about my characters. I'm reading some great writer resource books and talking to other writers as well about things such as character development.

Maybe my hiatus from my own writing was part of this journey so I could stop and learn more about the craft and meet some successful people.

Anyway, I'll be using this blog to chronicle some of my efforts in my writing life, mainly focused on my own writing. I also write at where I mentor other writers and on's writeniche site ( as well as my original Marleymauve blog at: You can also chat with me at where I moderate the 'A new writer's journey' section.
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